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Oneshot: I sneak into your life
ryoda smile
Title :I sneak into your life
Genre :romance, fluff, a little bit angst
Rating :PG (not sure abou it)
Summary:Tatsuya and Ryo have been dating for three years
Warning: Unbetaed
Desclaimer : they belong to me, in my fantasy

It’s two in the morning when Tatsuya unlocked the door of his boyfriend’s apartement. He silently took off his shoes and coat. Wearing his pink pajamas (LOL) he tip toed his way to the bedroom. Tatsuya bit his lower lips and carefully opened the bedroom door. He stood there for a moment and just stared at the queen sized bed in the middle of the room, or rather at the person lying on the bed sleeping soundly.

He smiled a bit and then closed the door behind him before continued his way to the bed. In his way he put the bag he brought with him on top of the small table near the door. It was dark in the room but he still could see clearly the person that was only wearing a black tank top and dark blue boxers and in the moment only having half of his body covered with blanket.

He shook his head thinking that his boyfriend was not so smart in protecting him self from coldness. But he’s really cute like that, just like a kid, Tatsuya thought. He wondered how could a person this cute would be so arrogan and snarky whe he woke up. Yes, that’s right. Ueda Tatsuya was dating the poison toungue Nishikido Ryo, and had been for almost three years.

Tatsuya carefully slipped under the thick blanket and adjusted half of it to cover his boyfriend’s body. After that he put his head on Ryo’s chest and at the same time wrapped his arm around Ryo’s abs.

He sighed in content when Ryo’s hands automatically held his body and pulled him closer. He couldn’t help but snuggled more and inhaled his boyfriend’s sweet scent deeply. Soon all he could hear was Ryo’s heart beat, and his soft snoring sound.

It had been a habit of him, sneaking into Ryo’s apartemen in the middle of the night just so he could spend some sweet time with his beloved.

It all started a year ago. They were having a date in the park that afternoon. They walked together holding hands and sometime exchanging glances towards each other. The obvious blushes on their faces and the smiles they shared showed how deeply in love they were.

It was funny, even after two years relationship they still got shy when the other was around. Just like that time, they didn’t talk much because they were busy calming their rapid heart beat.

But Tatsuya had something important to ask Ryo, that’s why he was so nervous.

“Ne, Ryo” he finally had the courage to start.

“Hmm.” Ryo saw how nervous Tatsuya was so he squezed his hand to encourage his boyfriend to say what he wanted.

Tatsuya was still hesitate but the warm gaze his lover gave him and the gentle squezed of the hand he felt made him less nervous.

“Ano, we’ve been dating for quiet long, right?” he said, but didn’t dare to look at Ryo’s face.

“Yes.” Ryo replied with a nod.

“Don’t you think it’s time for us to move to the next level?” this time Tatsuya glanced at Ryo only to saw a frown on the younger’s face.

“I mean, we’ve been dating for two years and all this time we barely see each other once a week because of our tight schedule. And sometimes we don’t see each other for weeks, even for months because you have to go to Osaka.” Ryo could only stare with amusement at his cute boyfriend who was then talking nonstop with a pout on his face. If only they weren’t at public he surely had ravished that sinful lips. But Tatsuya’s next sentence was manage to pull him out of the wonder land.

“So i was thinking why don’t we just move in together so we could spend more time with each other.” Tatsuya ended his long speech and then stare at Ryo with the full of hope face and of course never forget the puppy eyes.

They were standing under a sakura tree and Ryo wondered when did they stopped walking.

For five minutes Ryo was speechless and could only stare at his boyfriend. The first three minutes Tatsuya still determined and hoped that Ryo would agree, but at the fourth minute he began feeling nervous again, and when the fifth minute came he snapped.

“Mou Ryo, why don’t you answer me?” he couldn’t help but whined to his sudden mute boyfriend.

Tatsuya’s words finally sunk into Ryo’s mind and seeing his lover’s sad face made his heart aching.

He gathered Tatsuya in his arms and holding his love protectively.

“Hime, we can’t.” It’s only a whisper, but it manage to tore Tatsuya’s heart into pieces.

“But why?” his voice sound hoarse and followed with sobs. He clutched ryo’s jacket hoping that would stop his tears from falling.

“You already know, or should i remind you?” Ryo stroked his hime’s soft hair lovingly.

“When we started our relationship and Johnny found out, he forced us to make an agreement. And we must obey the rules or else we’ll be punished. And one of the rules was, we’re forbidden to move in together because that could rais suspicion of the fan and it would ruined our career.” Ryo could feel that his jacket was starting to get wet from Tatsuya’s tears but he couldn’t careless.

“I know that our love is more important, at least for me. But we can’t be selfish, we must not forget about our friends. What will happen to our bands if we get punished, don’t you think it’ll affect them too?”

Ryo pulled back a bit so he could see Tatsuya’s face, but his lover refused to look at him and hung his head low. But it’s sill clear to Ryo how red and damp his boyfriend’s face was.

“Tatsuya, i hope you understand this. It’s better this way, we still can have a date once in a while and meet each other often at work at lunch time when we’re both have the same schedule in Jimusho, don’t you think so?” Ryo kissed his lover’s forehead and hold him again.

Tatsuya has stopped crying but he’s still breathing heavily. He could only nod when Ryo asked if he understood the situation and could accept it well.

It’s already dark outside when Ryo took Tatsuya home. He decided to cook dinner for his lover thinking that maybe it could make the older less sad.

After having dinner, Ryo told Tatsuya to take a shower and go to bed after that, while he himself cleaned the kitchen and washed the dishes.

He was also sad and angry because they couldn’t live together even though they loved each other so much. But he realised that they must obey the rules that Johnny made if they still wanted to be together as lovers. Who knew what the old man could do if they broke the rules he made.

After finishing all the tasks, Ryo made his way to his boyfriend’s room. He smiled seeing that the boxer had securely lying on his luxury bed. He stroked the beautiful singer’s hair and gave a peck on the plump lips before whispering the word ‘oyasumi’.

Ryo closed the bedroom door carefully, afraid that Tatsuya would wake up. He grabbed his wallet and keys on the table in the living room and made his way to the apartement door.

He made sure the door was locked before he went to the parking lot, took his car and went home to his own apartement.

But there was one thing that Ryo didn’t know, Tatsuya wasn’t asleep when he went home. In fact, he couldn’t sleep at all. That was the night when the first time he decided to sneak into Ryo’s apartement.

The first morning Ryo woke up and found Tatsuya in his room, on his bed, sleeping, he freaked out. He though it was a dream, or he was crazy and only hallucinating. Only when Tatsuya woke up with a smile and shyly kissed his lips, then he calmed down, but still confused. Tatsuya then explained everything and begged Ryo to allow him to do it again anytime he want. And of course, with the puppy eyes. So, how could the Osakan refused the beautiful boxer’s request.

Until now Tatsuya had done the ‘sneak in’ thing regularly. Sometime once a week, but when Ryo had a really tight schedule and couldn’t meet him often, then Tatsuya would do it two or three times a week. Not that Ryo mind.

But let just hope that Johnny won’t find out, ne. It’s our secret.


(A/N) First time writing in English. Wow, i really did that? i still can't believe it.
Please tell me what you think about my fic, is it wierd, boring, or bad, anything just drop a word or two. PLEASE *puppy eyes*

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spot for my hentai friend Pautami-chan
hope you like this

I do! I do! I love it! Yay! *hugs*
I love how Tatsuya sneaks into Ryo's apartment. I really hope Johnny-san won't find out or he'll lift up that one rule.
You should write more fics in English *salute*
Thank you for sharing and saving a spot for me! *kiss*

spot for citra-chan
i hope this fic can cheer you up
and tell me what you think, kay

I GOT SPOT! *dance happily*
OMG I can't believe that I missed this spot! *pinch myself* LOL

ehhh??? why did you think i would never read your fic? you are wrong Rara-chan! i will abselutely read your fic! why? oh, it's because i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ittttt!!! ehehehe

and..*blushes* eeeh? hontou? I inspired you and gave you some courage???
uwaaaaaaaaa i am so surprised in super happiness! *HUGGGGGGGGSSSS*
i can't believe i can be an inspiration for others *hiks* *i am so touching*


please give me spot again ne *stubborn me* XD
oh, and it's a parfait! hope you like it! ehehe

Congratulation for your first English fic
thanks for the fic

glad you like it
and thanks for reading and commenting

This is really...cute. And I don't know why but it has affected me a lot. I just feel happy now because of thei pure love for each other...

Thanks so much for sharing!

i couldn't help but wrote a cute story about them, because they're so cute together
glad it makes you happy
thank you so much for reading and commenting

it's ur first english fic?? u're not that bad at all, congratulations~!! :D
it's so sweet n fluffy~~

do you think so? i'm so happy.
i was really nervous, and i know i made a lot of mistakes
i'm still learning and trying to improve my English
but glad you like it
thanks for reading and commenting

love it!!! sequel pleasee!!^^thanks a lot for sharing!^^

glad you like it, go-chan
i'm not sure about the sequel, but i'll try when i have time
thanks for reading and commenting, dear

Ohh, it's so sweet, thank you for sharing ^^
I really love it =D

what can say, i love sweet story about ryoda so much
glad you like it
thank you for reading and commenting

Aw thats so sweet,tatsuya so cute.

yes yes, i agree. tatsuya is so cute, especially when he's with the love of his live ne (LOL)
thanks for reading and commenting

do you think so?
maa, i can only think about cute things when it comes to ryoda pair
thanks for reading and commenting

Aww, this is really cute. ^_^ You should make more English fics!! ~Flower Given~

*takes the flower*
thank s alot, i'll try write more english fics, and i hope i'll improve
glad you like it
thanks for dropping a comment

waaaaahhhh! congrats on ur first english fic! i loved it! make some more!! yaaaayyy! ♥

thank you, glad you like it dear
i'll try to write more English fics
<3 <3

This is good^^
RyoDa is so cute~~~
And i hate this Johnny!!!!!!!! *flying kick Johnny to the middle of the pacific ocean* LOL^^
Thank you for this and you did good on your first fanfic

really, glad you like it
yes, they are a cute couple ne
LOL, that's a good idea, and i hope he'll be eaten by sharks

errh, it's not my first fanfic actually, there are some ryoda fics i wrote in bahasa, and this is the first English fic i wrote, that's why i was so nerveos
but thanks for reading and commenting

waa.. debut omedetou gozaimaaaasu!! www
hate johnny! i want to kill that stupid grandpa if i was on your fic.
poor tatchan, and of course ryo-chan too. ( ;___; )
thank you for this..

he he, domo arigatou
maybe next i'll make your appearance in my fic so you can do that, LOL
yeah, poor them, but at least they have their way to spend more time with each other ne

btw, it's not my first fic, go to my recent entries to see my other ryoda fics, but in bahasa
i was thinking to translate them into English
maybe you can help me?

Shhhh...don't worry, that will be our secret *wink* It save with me ^_^
Nice fic n thank U 4 sharing =)

hai, don't tell anyone, ne
thanks for reading and commenting


It's a lovely fic. I love the way Ueda sneak in Ryo apartment.

hi to you too,
glad you like it, he did it because he couldnt' stand being away from his love ne
thanks for reading and commenting

I really like it. Ueda and ryo are so sweet. Looking forward to more fics .

glad you like it, yes, they are a sweet couple
thanks for reading and commenting

i like the sneaking in idea!!!!why won't the osakan sneak in to his hime's apartment too once in awhile.^^

thanks so much for this!!!like it so much!!!

glad you like it dear
well, i'm thinking of making a sequel for this and will include the reason why ryo doesn't do that
thanks for reading and commenting

good story!
Thanks for sharing dear.. XD

glad you think so, thanks for reading and commenting

why johnny doesn't allow them to stay together...
poor them...
but it is cute to see ueda sneaks into Ryo's apartment...

you know that Johnny is a heartless old man who only care about his company and money
yeah, poor them
thanks for reading and commenting ^___^
send my regard to your auntie, hope she'll get better soon

love it!!
too bad they're not allowed to live in together!

glad you like it
yeah, too bad ne..hate Johnny for that
thanks for reading and commenting

so sweet and cute
loved it
thank you for sharing

***flowers for you***

*takes the flowers happily*
glad you like it dear, thanks for reading and commenting

you surprised me!!! kyaaaa omedetou for the first fic in English!
i loveeeeeeeeeeeee this fic so much!

I haven't read much Ryoda since i write my own fic, then when i read yours i can't help but squeals in happiness and excitement coz this fic is so cute!!!
it's easy to understand too XD
you made Tat-chan really cute here and i love Ryo's care towards him <3333333

you know, YOU HAVE TO WRITE MORE!!!! *shaking you* XD
i will wait for your next Ryoda fic cutely :DD
thank you for sharing this sweet fic *love you*

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By citraryo at 2011-05-31

Re: ♥♥♥♥♥

he he he, what are you doing here in the bottom honey
you have a place up there at the second spot, i thought you would never read my fic

glad you like this, i was really nervous you know
but looking at the comments i recieved made me so happy, and motivated me to write again.and also some of my courage to write in English i got it from you, you inspired me, ARIGATOU NE

is that an ice cream, looks delicious, thanks ^____^
*hugs and kisses*

catching up on my ryoda fics ;)
OMG i love love this!
super sweet of Ueda to compromise :D
thanks for sharing!
your English is not bad at all! good tenses! :D
write more ok? *puppy eyes* :)

hi, gomen for not replying soon
thank you so much for reading and commenting
i'm so glad you like it

goodjob tacchan..

thanks btw.

yes, tatchan is so clever ne~
thanks for reading and commenting

gomen for not replying sooner

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