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Steven - Ryo
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  Just want to share this
i got the picture from http://hotlinenow.blogspot.com

What do you think?
Doesn't he resemble someone from Eito/NEWS when he was young?

And take a look at this one

picture's taken from http://fikfik21.multiply.com

Aren't they cute?
^_^ V

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*giving you a flower*

v cute, thanks :)

arigatou *takes the flower*
but the point is, it's amazing how they look so similiar even if they are different persons from different countries and generation

hahahhahaha!!! i didn't even recognize they're 2 ppl, thought those were just 2 pics of ryo..
well, he's better looking but i agree it's amazing how similar they look!
sorry, i basically missed the point of your post :P

that's OK, anyone can make the same mistake and think that they're the same person
ryo is cute, but steven is cute too you know *pouts*

Ryo is so cute! Thanks for sharing~ ^^

yes, ryo is so cute, but steven is cute too, and younger

that person ia an actor from Indonesia. I just realized he look a bit like Ryo-chan :3

you're right, i didn't realize that either because his hair is longer
but when i searched info bout him i saw that pic and i was like 0_0
that's why i wanted to know what would other people think when they see the pic too

Ehhhhh??? tuh artis indo?? majide?? maen film pa? *shocku*
q pkr tu fanart O.o
btw Ryo is cuter than him of course *biased* lol


Re: ♥♥♥♥♥

he he he, itu kan steven william yg maen di Arti Sahabat ma Yukino, itu tuh yg di ****siar. tapi sekarang rambutnya panjang jd gak mirip lagi
ryo is cute, but steven is cute too you know *pouts*

btw, MISS U 2
muah muah ^_^ V

yes, they look so similiar

hee? Itu artis Indo? *shot*
mirip! tapi cakepan Ryo ah *hugs Ryo*
pantes aja bisa jadi artis, orang mukanya mirip artis luar -,- *shot*
mkasih udah share <333

mirip benner kan, ryo sih emang sexi, tapi steven lebih manis *ditabok*
thanks ya dah mampir

omg kjdbsvfou so cute!

yes, so cute, and they're so similiar

OMG IT'S TRUE. Who is he? Steven?

he is an Indonesian actor, but his hair now is longer so he doesn't look like ryo anymore

If you think that's amazing, have you ever heard of Victor Basa? If you haven't, google him. And prepare to be MINDBLOWN. 8D

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