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FIC: You Are My Precious

Title                 : You Are My Precious
Pairing             : Ryoda
              : romance, angst
              : PG (maybe?)
         : Tatsuya is so clumsy and Ryo have had enough of it, or maybe not.
Warning           : Unbetaed, boy x boy love, don’t like it, don’t read it
Desclaimer       : They belong to me, in my fantasy

The singer was happily humming random melody while walking around in his apartment. It was his day off and he got nothing else to do, so he felt like cleaning and rearranging the stuff in his apartment. He was so excited to do the rearranging part thinking it would bring a different atmosfere for him and his partner when he got home. That’s right, Ueda Tatsuya was living with his boyfriend, the person that used to insult him, called him names, and claimed to be his arch enemy, Nishikido Ryo.

They had been dating for more than a year, and living together for three months. He was hesitated when Ryo confessed to him and couldn’t help but doubted the younger’s feeling. But when he looked at Ryo’s eyes he found love and determination, and it made his doubt vanished immediately. Though at the first months of their dating he prepared himself for an unsteady relationship. What’s about the rumors of Ryo being a playboy and ‘women killer’ in the past. But once again, he was proven wrong with the way Ryo threated him. Who would have thought that the sexy poisoned tongue Nishikido Ryo could be so sweet and gentle toward the so called princess of Kattun, Ueda Tatsuya. He always showered him with loves and attentions that made the boxer flattered and happy all the time.

Before their first anniversary, Ryo asked him to move in together. “I want to be with you and take care of you every day.” That’s what he said, and Tatsuya could only throw himself on his lover and nodded, not trusting his voice to not trembel if he spoke.

For Tatsuya, living with Ryo was like living in a dream that’s too good to be true. He sometimes wondered if someday he would wake up and find that all this times he was just hallusinating, and it made him scared. He loved Ryo so much and didn’t want to lose him no matter what. He would do anything to keep Ryo by his side forever.

He was cleaning the music room when he realised that it was almost noon and he hadn’t eat lunch yet. He put the vacum cleaner and went to the kitchen to cook his meal and dicided to continue the cleaning after lunch.

The music room was the place where he and Ryo put their music instruments, including keyboard and some guitars belonged to the both of them. One of the guitars was the one that Ryo got from the guitarist Saito Kazuyoshi, and he treasured it so much. Sometimes they compose song in that room too.

After having lunch and washing dishes, Tatsuya continued cleaning the music room. Now he rearranged the guitars in the wall. He took one of Ryo’s guitar to clean the dust and sat on the floor. When he was done, he held it carefully and broght it in attemp to put it on the wall. But he didn’t see the vacuum cleaner next to the wall. His foot got tangeled with the wire and he fell, the guitar’s head hit the wall and broke.

Tatsuya was still in shock and panting on the floor when he realised what just happened. He immediately took the guitar to examine it. The guitar was snapped on the neck and seems like it can’t be fixed again. Soon he realised that the guitar was the one from Saito Kazuyoshi san, Ryo’s treasure. He was so guilty and sad. He thought that Ryo would be so angry if he found out. He hold the guitar on his chest and cried.

Tatsuya’s mind was a mess, he didn’t know what to do. He cheked the time, three o’clock, five hours before Ryo got home. But, what could he do to fix it? If he hide the guitar Ryo would ask him and there was no way Ryo would believe him if he say that it’s lost. So what could he do?

He could buy another guitar for Ryo, but it wouldn’t be the same if the guitar was not from Saito Kazuyoshi san. Wait, he could ask Saito san to give him a guitar. But that would embarrased Ryo infront of Saito san. So what could he do then, he got no idea.

Tatsuya kept on crying and thinking what to do and didn’t realise that it was already night time. He only realised that he had been sitting there for hours when he heard Ryo’s voice calling his name.

“Tatsuya, where are you. Why aren’t the lights turned on?” He heard footsteps coming to his direction and soon he was blinded from the bright light that suddenly being turned on.

“Tatsuya.” Ryo was surprised to see Tatsuya on the floor with damp face and red eyes, and it seemed that he had been there for hours. He rushed to his side and held him in his arms.

“What happen baby? Why are you crying?” Worry was evidenced in Ryo’s voice. He kissed Tatsuya’s head lovingly and rocked his body gently.

“Ryo, gomen.” Tatsuya’s body trembeled and he clung to Ryo like his life was depent on him.

“Please don’t get mad at me. I.....I... broke it.” Tatsuya’s voice was so small and Ryo barely heard all the words that he said.

“What do you mean? What did you break?” Ryo loosen his embrace to see Tatsuya’s face clearly. He tugged his boyfriend’s hair behind his ears and then kissed his forehead.

Tatsuya had stopped crying but still sniffing softly. Ryo held the copper hair’s face so he could look into his eyes.

“Tatsuya, look at me and tell me exactly what had happened.”

Tatsuya stared deeply the black orbs of Ryo’s and found himself drawn into them. He took a deep breath and began to tell the truth. He showed the broken guitar to Ryo after finishing the story. He looked down and didn’t dare to look at Ryo’s face.

Ryo only stared at the guitar and sighed loudly. He stood and turned to face the other direction.

“How could you be so clumsy. All you can do is giving me trouble.” Ryo’s voice was so cold, different from the usual voice that was so gentle and full of love whenever he spoke to his boyfriend.

To say that Tatsuya was shocked was an understatement. He could only stare at Ryo’s back with opened mouth, he almost forgot how to breath. His chest tightened, his heart was hurt really bad.

“Ryo, I really didn’t mean it. I’m so sorry.” Tears were falling down again on his pale face. He tried to reach for his boyfriend’s hand but Ryo pulled his hand and walked two steps away from Tatsuya.

Tatsuya put his hands on the floor and sat on his heels, with raspy voice he tried to ask for forgiveness from the person he loved the most.

“Please forgive me, Ryo. I’ll try not to be clumsy again. I’ll be more reliable and be the best boyfriend for you. Please, forgive me.” Tatsuya was practically begging and desperate to get forgiveness from Ryo.

“That’s enough. I can’t do it anymore. Forgiving you whenever you make mistakes, do you think it’s as easy as blowing dust from your hand? It’s not. And i’ve had enough of your clumsiness. Let’s break up.”

With that said, Ryo went to the wall that had many guitars hanging on it. He pulled a black and red guitar before he set his eyes on Tatsuya.

“I’ll go to Osaka for three days, I’ll get my stuff when I get back. You can do whatever you want with your clumsiness for all I care. Good bye, Ueda.”

Tatsuya was so shocked when he heard the words break up coming from his lover’s mouth that he couldn’t speak a word. He only stared at Ryo and couldn’t believe what he just heard. But when Ryo walked out and slamed the door behind him he finally managed to find his voice.

“What? No, you can’t do that. Ryo.....please.....don’t leave me.” He yelled, but Ryo had gone and couldn’t hear him.

Tatsuya was crying his heart out on the floor in the music room. He wanted to chase after his (ex)boyfriend but he was too weak to stand up, so he could only sat there and wailing while calling Ryo’s name over and over again.

The thing that he feared the most finally came. It’s like thousond of knifes were stabbed on his chest. It’s so painful that he couldn’t breath. His whole body was numb and cold. He couldn’t even feel the hard floor under him, his head was spinning and soon all he could see was dark.

(A/N) FINALLY........My second fic in English. I suck at writing fics, it took me a year to post one again. 
Well, here it is, hope you like it. 
Gomen, go_chan, i promised to post it last month but i couldn't finish it back then. Honto gomen.
citraryo, this is for you. Otanjobi puresento, it's late though. I"M REALLY SORRY.
And to all Ryoda fic authors out there, please keep on writing and writing more Ryoda fics for all Ryoda fans.

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Oh my gosh >.< It's so sad DXXXX Poor Hime D'X But you wrote it really well ^_^ Sequel?? <3

i know it's sad, but i couldn't help it. i love to make tatsuya cry a lot, he he he *get smacked*

sequel? Hmmmmmmm, i think i'll write one when i have time

thanks for reading and commenting dear

Teehee! You're welcome ^^ I only told the truth, you write really well! Well, if you plan on writing a sequel, I can't wait to know what happens to them <3

you think so? *blushing*
but i still need a beta

btw, i will not disappoint you

why????? nande?? dameeeeeeeeeeeee~~

why u end up like this~~ and gosh Ryo that was an accident!! u shouldn't act that way~~

*cries with hime*

i hope you'll fix this on a sequel...

*runs and cries*

i know ryo was so mean
*cries with you*

but please don't blame him, i made him act that way :DD

i'll try to write a sequel and fix things up

*hands u tissue*

thanks for reading and commenting dear

NOOOOOOOOOOO~ u cannot end up like this !!!!
Ryo how can u leave tat-chan just for this reason?!
poor hime *hugs*

sequel please~~~ *puppy eyes attack*

awwwww.......how can i resist your puppy eyes attack?
OK i'll try to write a sequel and make them happy again

thanks for reading and commenting

i hate RYO!!
how could he left Tatsuya because of guitar!!??
Ne~ sequel please~~ ^^V

please don't hate my baby ryo chan, i have a reason to make him act like that
i'll try to write a sequel and explain it, kay ^_~

thanks for reading and commenting

*Shock face* It can't end like this!
Sequel please~ *batting eyelashes*
And Ryo is a meanie =,=
*smack him*
Poor Tat-chan....
*gives him cake to cheer him up*
Thank you for this fic
XD <333

sanox chan................
u didn't add me back at your FB *big pouts*

yeah i know that, but please don't hate him
and i want a cake too...*snatched a piece of cake from tatchan*

thanks for reading and commenting dear, and you should continue your fics you know


O.O You added me on FB?
I didn't know!! >_<
What's your name there?

*pats both of you*
Now don't fight over the cake XD

It's my pleasure and i know.......... -,-
But seriously busy lately :3
*glomps* <333

rara chan desu

yeah i understand, but i really hope you will update once in a while
and i will try hard to write more ryoda fics too


A sequel is in demand!>.<
Gosh! I can't believe that he dumped his boyfriend cuz' of a guitar!
And lol...To be honest...I thought from the summary that Ryo will hug Tatsuya and say that he's happy that he didn't hurt himself!...guess I was wrong..maybe too sappy for Ryos'character

ha ha ha, wakatta yo...

yeah i know, but i have my reason
you'll find out in the sequel, i'm working on it

and don't worry, i will not let you down

thanks for reading and commenting

does this have a sequel????
cuz i'll like it better if this has one....^^

thanks for sharing this!!!!!!

there is a good news for you, i'm working on the sequel right now

just wait and see ^_~

thanks for reading and commenting

yipeee!!!!thanks so much!!!!

Poor Tat-chan..... SEQUEL PLEASE~ *puppy eyes attack*

i agree, but i love to see him in that state bwa ha ha ha....
uso desu ^_^

don't worry, i'm in the middle of writing it, please be patient

thanks for reading and commenting

poor hime :( he didn't mean it and Ryo was too harsh... over a guitar?! :/ hope this is not the end hehe~ n_n write more k <3

i agree, poor him -_-
but don't worry, i'll make him happy again
thanks for reading and commenting

one word for this ridiculous situation....
what the heck...
broke up because of that matter...
not fair...
u can't do that to tat-chan....
i'm burning~!!

he he....janganlah nak marah2 mak cik, nanti kena strok
just wait and see, you'll find out why
and don't worry, i'll not disappoint you
thanks for the angry comment ^_^

hahaha XD
*slaps ur head*
how dare u call me mak cik!

*looks around*
where's my spot? *pouuuuutttts*
how come I didn't know about this fic? especially it's for me >o<

btw, I really wanna to kick Ryo's butt!
how dare he showed his care and then drop the bomb in the next minutes?
If I were Tat-chan, I'll smack Ryo with the guitars! Grrrrr!!!!

Don't worry Tat-chan, he can't live without you, let's see how this will come in the sequel, hopefully Tat-chan won't kill Ryo LOL

*jumps to the sequel*
thank you for writing this *hugs*

Re: ♥♥♥♥♥

*hides under a big rock*
i borrowed my friend's modem to post it, and i forgot to save u a spot----when i returned to gave u the first spot, someone already got to comment on it, and i thought there's no point anymore if it's not the first spot so i didn't give u a spot. I'm so sorry.

i opened this entry almost every day and checked if i got any comment from u, but i got disappointed because there's none
but now i'm so glad i got it. lets just say that u're 'the most wanted reader' in this page.

about the breaking up, well, please don't be to harsh to our ryo chan, i got my reason to make him do that

see u again in the sequel

Poor Tatchan!! T_T
Love it! Thanks a lot for sharing^^

sou ne~
glad you like it, even if the story was so depressing
thanks for the comment

Tatsuya *hugs*
it's okay Tatsuya, Ryo will come back to you!
thanks for this Rara!

don't worry, he will for sure
thanks for dropping by, good luck in your exam

poor tatchan ,why did u do that ryo?u love that Guitar than him?

**dont angry with me,i have had read this fic long time a go but i dint comment coz of my poor english.

thanks for writing.

yeah it's been a while i wrote this fic
thanks for commenting, even after such a long time, i'm still so glad
hey, my English is suck too you know ^_^

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