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FIC: You Are My Precious (sequel)
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Title                 : You Are My Precious (sequel)
Pairing             : Ryoda
             : romance, angst, fluff (because i couldn't resist)
             : PG (maybe?)
       : Will Ryo choose a guitar over Tatsuya? sequel of the fic 
You Are My Precious. (please read it first if you want to understand the situation.)
Warning          : Unbetaed, boy x boy love, don’t like it, don’t read it
Desclaimer      : They belong to me, in my fantasy

Where am I?” he opened his eyes, but he couldn’t see anything. He blinked and blinked and after one minute he could see some shadow around him.

What happened? Why is it so dark?” he tried to move and soon he felt pain all over his body. Then he remembered the horrible thing that just happened to him.

“Ryo.” He almost couldn’t recognize his own voice.

He moved his right hand to the side and bumped into something, he knew that thing, it’s the guitar he broke. He sat up with so much difficulty and reached the broken guitar. He stared at it for five minutes while caressing the said thing gently. He remembered how Ryo always did the same whenever he held the guitar. He couldn’t stopped the tears falling from his already swollen eyes.

He stood, walked out the music room and went to the living room still carrying the guitar. He sat on the couch and put the guitar on the table infront of him. His eyes never left the said thing.

Slowly, he pull his legs up on the couch and put his head on his knees. He cried harder while curling into a ball. He whispered his lover’s name over and over again.

He heard someone opened the front door of his apartment. He lifted his head up and tried to sharpened his hearing since he didn’t remember that someone else apart from him and Ryo, had the key of their apartment.

He started to feel scared and thinking that there are some bad guys that broke into his place and they will rob and hurt him. But the next second he realized that he got no more reason to live since the person that he loved the most had left him. With that thought, he even wished that the bad guys would do him a favour by killing him so he wouldn’t have to suffer from the heart break.

He lowered his head again, closed his eyes and waited patiently. He heard the klik sound of the light switch and he knew that the light in the living room had been turned on. He heard a gasp and a voice calling his name. He froze, that voice, he would recognise the voice anywhere.

“Tatsuya, baby what happened?”

He felt someone embracing him and holding him so thight. He felt suffocated but also happy because he thought he would never hear that voice and feel that warm embrace again.

He opened his eyes slowly and pulled out a little to look at the person that holding him.

“Hime what’s going on? Why are you like this? Did someone do a bad thing to you? Tell me who they are, I’ll kill them when I find them.”

Tatsuya couldn’t believe that the person infront of him was Ryo, so he touched his face to make sure that he didn’t jus imagining things.

“Ryo? It’s you?” he cupped Ryo’s face with his palms and stared at him up and down. There was no trace of anger on that face, only love and worry.

Ryo was so confused with the way his lover acted, and he was also worried because Tatsuya didn’t answer his question. So he took his lover’s hands and kissed them before he looked into Tatsuya’s eyes deeply.

“You didn’t answer my question, what happened to you? And why are you acting so strange like that? Tell me baby.”

Ryo took Tatsuya’s body in his arms again, this time he held him gently afraid that the fragile body would break if he held it too tight. Tatsuya burried his head in Ryo’s chest and thought about Ryo’s question. He tried to put two and two together and finally realized that the horrible thing that he experienced not long ago was only a dream, a nightmare to be exact. He must had fell asleep while crying and having that nightmare.

The fact was that actually Ryo hadn’t known that his precious guitar was broken and they didn’t break up, yet, he added in his mind. If he knew, would he be angry and do the same thing just like in his dream?

When Ryo didn’t get any answer from Tatsuya, he felt more worried and asked his boyfriend again with a voice that full of love.

Tatsuya couldn’t help but cried again, he didn’t want to experience the heart breaking situation once again so he held Ryo’s body closer afraid that the younger man would be disappear if he let go.

Ryo was getting frustated when Tatsuya was crying instead of answering his question. With a slight force he pulled away from his lover and shook the limp body in his arms.

“Tatsuya, please tell me what’s going on.”

Ryo was yelling, he knew it could scare Tatsuya but he couldn’t help it. He wanted to know so bad what had made his lover acted like that. And seemed that he’d been crying for hours. It hurt him alot when the person he loved the most was in pain and crying like that.

“Ry..Ryo...” Tatsuya closed his eyes a moment before he continued.

“Before I tell you what happened, please promise me one thing.”

“What is it?”

Ryo’s voice was so much softer than before. He tugged the hair that covered his boyriend’s face behind his ear so he could see clearly the face that he adored so much.

“Just tell me, I promise I’ll do anything you want me to.”

Tatsuya stared into the Osakan eyes and slowly caressing his face with a trembling hand.

“Promise you will never leave me nor break up with me, even after what I did to you.”

Ryo took Tatsuya’s hand again and hold it firmly. He stared back into the glassy and red eyes of his lover.

“I promise. I promise that I will never leave you, I promise that I will never break up with you. Now tell me what happened, and why did you cry.”

Tatsuya took a deep breath and exhale from both his nose and mouth. He looked down and began telling that he accidentally broke Ryo’s guitar while cleaning. After showing the broken guitar to it’s owner he ended his story and looked at Ryo’s face. He couldn’t tell if Ryo was angry or not. The younger only stared at the broken piece of wood lying on the table with unreadable expression. Slowly, he turned to face his boyfriend.


‘Oh no, this is where he will say that he’s had enough of my clumsiness and then break up with me. No, I don’t want that.’

“No, don’t say it, please.”

Tatsuya threw himself on Ryo’s lap. He held the younger’s torso and burried his face on Ryo’s chest. Ryo was so surprised by the sudden action and automaticly put his hand on the boxer’s head and caressed the already messy hair. He used the other hand to wrap the older’s body.

“Please don’t break up with me, Ryo. I don’t want you to leave me.”

“Tatsuya, I........”

“No.” Tatsuya shook his head franticly and messed up Ryo’s shirt more.

“You promised me. I won’t let you leave me. I’d rather die than live without you by my side, Ryo.”

Tatsuya thighten his already so thight hold around Ryo’s body. Ryo felt warm and fussy all over his body when he heard what his lover just said. Tatsuya was so shy and never spoke his feeling out like that. He prefered showing his lover that he loved him with the act only, and not with words. Unlike the younger one that never failed to tell his boyfriend everyday how much he loved him.

“But Tatsuya, I’m not............”

Ryo never managed to finish his words because Tatsuya always cut his sentence.

“No, Ryo. I know you want to break up with me because of my clumsiness. I’m childish and acted so careless all the time. I almost burn your kitchen when I tried to cook your favourite food. I mixed your white shirt with my pink tank top when I did the loundry and the shirt ended up being pink instead of white. I burnt one of your jeans when I ironed your clothes. I know I’m just a burden to you, but you always forgave me when I made a mistake. And this time, I broke your precious guitar. You have the right to be angry with me. You can yell at me, and you can hit me if you want. Just don’t break up with me, please. I don’t want you to leave me, I want you to be with me forever. Please Ryo, don’t break up with me. Please.....please....”

Tatsuya cried so hard and that made his lover worried. He must do something to stop Tatsuya from crying any longer or he would be dehydrated from too much tears. So he held Tatsuya’s shoulders and push him up.

“Tatsuya, for God sake, can you just listen to me first.”

Ryo slightly increased his tone so he could get the older’s attention. It surprisingly worked. Tatsuya obeyed him and now they were staring at each other. He didn’t stop cry, though. Ryo sighed.

“Hime, who said that I will break up with you? And who said that I will leave you?”

Ryo wiped away the tears on Tatsuya’s face and then continued talking softly to his lover.

“It’s true that the guitar is so precious to me, and I treasure it so much. But you are ten thousand more precious than that. And I will not leave you only because of it. Do you think my love for you was so weak that it could break just because of trivial things like that. If you do, then I’ll be so disappointed in you. Please trust me more.”

Ryo couldn’t help but felt sad because his lover didn’t trust him enough. A singel tear rolled down his face and Tatsuya reached out to catch the drop before it fell to the sofa. He held it in his palm and put the hand on his chest next to his heart. He felt guilty and didn’t dare to look at Ryo’s eyes.

“I’m really sorry. I was so scared that you would leave me.”

Ryo put his fingers under Tatsuya’s chin and lifted his face. The latter was crying again and Ryo wondered how many tears a person could shed.

“How could I leave you when you already own my heart and my soul. When I was away from you only for a day I felt like dying, just like a fish if being separated from the water then it would die. That’s how much you mean to me. You are my life, Tatsuya. So how can I stand it being without you?”

Tatsuya unconciously smiled with every words the Osakan said. He was on the cloud nine. He was so happy that he couldn’t speak nor move. So he just sat there smiling widely and stared at his younger lover.

“Now tell me, do you still doubt my love for you?”

Ryo was relieved seeing that the older one had stopped crying. Being asked a question like that by his boyfriend, Tatsuya could only look down and shook his head.

“Now come on, I’ll take you to the bathroom. You must take a shower and change your clothes.”

Ryo smiled and took the slightly taller man’s hands, he pulled them so the older could stand up with him. Tatsuya followed his boyfriend to the bathroom inside their bedroom. His body felt so weak and he leaned on to Ryo’s. The younger norrowed his eyes and looked at him suspiciously.

“You must had been crying for a long time, right? What were you thinking, what if you got sick? Not only your bandmates, but the whole Jimusho, your mother, my mother, even my sister will scold me nonstop for not taking care of you properly. Not to mention your sister, she will come and torture me for making you cry?”

Tatsuya pouted and looking at Ryo with his big round and slightly watery eyes. Ryo could only sighed before crouching down and taking Tatsuya’s body bridal style, much to the older man surprise. But Tatsuya was happy and he couldn’t help but smile and put his arms around his boyfriend’s neck.

Inside the bathroom, Ryo put Tatsuya down and made him sit on the toilet seat. He helped the older one taking off his clothes leaving Tatsuya in his boxers only. He took Tatsuya’s dirty clothes and threw them to the loundry basket. He then turned to face his boyfriend that was still sitting on the toilet seat and shivering.

“Is it OK if I leave you alone? I’m going to the kitchen to cook dinner. You must eat so your body can have some energy. And I’m starving too. So can you take a shower by your self?”

Tatsuya nodded and gave a smile to his boyfriend.

“Um, I’ll be fine.”

Ryo smiled back and kissed his lover’s head before heading to the kitchen.

That night, they had dinner together just like any other nights. Tatsuya was so happy because now he knew that Ryo will always be by his side and he didn’t have to doubt the younger’s feeling towards him anymore. Eventhough Ryo teased him nonstop for having funny looking eyes that are swollen and red, and for being a crybaby, he didn’t care. He continued eating the food that his boyfriend cooked for him, while sitting on the said boyfriend’s lap. The broken guitar lying on the table in the living room, forgotten.

EPILOGUE [A/N It’s a bonus for the people that commented on my previous fic]


Ryo was surprised to find an empty apartment when he got home that night. It was a week after the guitar incident and both of them never mentioned anything about it for the past week. After searching for his lover and making sure that Tatsuya was not in their apartment, he put his cap on the table in his living room and sat on the couch.

Where is he? Why didn’t he say anything this morning? And Kamenashi also said that Kattun only had an interview today, and it finished before lunch. So how come he hasn’t got home yet.”

Ryo started to worry about his boyfriend and took his phone to call Tatsuya. But before he pressed the call button, the front door was opened and a man wearing a gray hoodie walked in with a bright smile on his face.


“Tadaima, Ryo.”


Ryo stood and greeted his boyfriend. He then realised that there was something hanging on his boyfriend’s shoulder. From the shape of it he could tell what the thing was. Tatsuya gave a peck on Ryo’s cheek and walk to the living room. He put his bag on the couch and then put the thing he brought on the table, next to Ryo’s cap.

“Ne Tatsuya, is that a guitar?”


Tatsuya, still with his bright smile, sat on the couch and gestured his lover to sit next to him.

Ryo sat on his earlier spot and stared at Tatsuya with a confused expression.

“Open it.”

Tatsuya’s voice sounded so excited and it made Ryo frown.

“Tatsuya, I told you I was fine with the guitar being broken. So, you don’t have to buy me a new one.”

Tatsuya pouted childishly and sulked like a five year old toddler who doesn’t get a present for his birthday.

“Why don’t you open it first. Just think of it as a gift from me, your precious boyfriend.”

Ryo, knew better than anyone, that he could never get away with it at least he did what his lover told him. He sighed, took the thing from the table and put it on his lap. Slowly he pulled the zipper of it’s cover and opened it.

Ryo slowly took the guitar out of it’s case, he stared at it with opened mouth admiring the shiny thing. It was an accoustic guitar, a really expensive one he could tell. But the colour was unique. The inside part was blue, forming a number eight shape. And the outside part was yellow. There was a small yellow number eight mark in the middle of the blue colour, and on the upper right corner there was a blue butterfly image, and it glittered. On the lower left corner there was a small scribble. Ryo took a better look at the scribble mark, and his eyes widened. He recognized that sign, it was Saito Kazuyoshi’s signature. He turned to face his lover with confusion.

His boyfriend looked at him amused with the younger’s expression.

“Well, do you like it?”

“Tatsuya, this is.....” he turned to look at the guitar in his hand and back again to his boyfriend.

“Where did you get this? And why is there a signature of Saito san on it? Did he give it to you?”

Tatsuya gave him a smile and shook his head a little.

“No, he didn’t give me the guitar. But he did helped me chose it?”

Ryo was still confused and waiting for more explanation.

“Ok, I told him that we’re dating and I wanted to give you a present. Since you admired him so much, it would be more special if the present was chosen by him. And he agreed to help me. So, we went to a guitar store and he chose the best guitar he could find. But, because I wanted to design the colour by my self, we couldn’t get the guitar for that day. I waited for two days before it’s done. This morning I got a message from the store that my requested guitar was ready. I went there to fetch it and then went to Saito san’s flat asking him to sign it.”

He paused for a second to caressed the guitar on Ryo’s lap and continued his explanation.

“About the colours, they represent us, blue for me and yellow for you. The number eight mark in the middle of the blue colour represents your heart, and it belongs to me. And for the blue butterfly, it’s my heart that only belongs to you, forever.” Tatsuya uttered with a small voice.

“ And why i chose the accoustic guitar instead of the electric one, because i want you to play it for me once in a while especially if you have a new song. I want to be the first to hear you sing it using that guitar. It will be so romantic, don’t you think?”

Ryo was speechless. He was so touched by everything his lover did for him. Slowly, he put the guitar on the table and took his boyfriend’s hands.

“Arigatou. You have no idea how happy I am. I’ll definitely treasure it.”

Ryo kissed Tatsuya’s palms and then pulled his lover into a tight embrace.

“I love you so much, Tatsuya.” He whispered to his lover’s ear making the latter blushed.

“I’m glad you like it, and I love you, too. So much.”

Tatsuya buried his head on Ryo’s chest and they stayed like that for almost half an hour without even talking. They’re content just by embracing each other, feeling each other’s warms and listening to each other’s soft breathing sounds. That continued until Tatsuya broke the silence.

“Ne, Ryo. Since I have given you a present, will you cook for me tonight?”

Tatsuya looked at Ryo with all his innocent, and Ryo could never say no if he looked like that. Well, Tatsuya was Ryo’s weakness and he knew it so well.

(A/N) For the people that were asking for a sequel, this is for you. And I would like to apologize for making you sad in my previous fic. Actually i had been planning to make it a happy ending from the start, but I couldn't finish it so I splitted the story and posted half of it only to get an inspiration and motivation. And I must say that all of you did a great job and motivated me more to finish this story sooner. ARIGATOU.

Hope you like the fic, and please comment.

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so sweet~~~
i love it..i love it~~ <333
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so glad you like it dear
yes, it was only a dream, sorry for making you worried

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Uwaaa~!!!! <3 <3 A sequel AND an epilogue? <3 I think I love you XD LOL Yeay! a happy ending! I was surprised that everything was a dream but it was a good turn of events. It's great Ryo wouldn't trade Ueda for a lame guitar XD You updated so fast and I loved the story <3 Thanks X*

Tee hee, i love you too *blushed*
Glad you like it, i think i'll always write a happy ending Ryoda fic.
nobody would want to trade our beloved Tatsuya even for the most expensive guitar, you know.

well, thanks to the comments i recieved in the previous fic i got motivated more to finish it, and thanks to you too *hugs*

Really? I helped motivate you? Yeay! I'm glad ^O^ Woop Woop! BTW, (this is really random) but you know how there's a RyoDa Fanclub on Facebook now? I think I added you on fb because you were one of the authors XD I'm NewsxKat-tun Love
http://www.facebook.com/NewsxKATTUN <----*Link*
Yeah~ So we can ryoda fangirl on fb too! XD

Oow that was you, thanks for adding me back
this is me btw http://www.facebook.com/RaraHapusah
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LOL I read both fics in a role and it felt muchh better!
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yeah i know, i was so cruel to Tatsuya in the first fic. but i enjoyed writing the first one alot. maybe i'm a little bit 'S' type :D

Thanks for reading and commenting

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thanks so much!!!!!

yes, i finished it sooner thanks to you
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i should said sorry to ryo for previous comment...
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omg, I am so glad that it turned to be happy ending :D
I did feel that in the previous part, Ryo acted a bit strange, and after I read this, I finally knew the reason, it's a dream after all LOL

You know, fluffy Ryoda is my fav. They're really a sweet couple. And the idea of the guitar is so great! you did a good job, dear XD
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glad u like it dear, hope it can make u happy a little
i love fluffy ryoda so much, and about the guitar, i got the idea since last year when i watched this video where ryo mentioned that he got a guitar from Saito Kazuyoshi. i almost dropped the fic because i couldn't finish it, that's why i posted the nightmare part first to get my muse.

did i improve? glad you think so. i will try to keep on writing ryoda. and I DEMAND U TO DO THE SAME TOO.... WRITE RYODA AGAIN...ONENGAI.......

thanks for the comment dear, see u again in our next ryoda fangirling


This was wonderful!! So sweet I love it^^
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you think so? *blushing madly*
thanks for the comment
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glad it just a dream~ ;_;
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thanks for the comment Michi, let's chat again sometime

tak kirain bakalan beneran putus..
udah siap2 pula daku lemparin suriken ke dirimu..

this is soooooooo sweet..
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OMG, sorry banget baru baaca komen ini, hehehe

jangan dilempar pake suriken dong, aku kan anak baik2 ^_^

thanks udah baca dan kasi komen.....
glad u like it dear....

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