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Title          :the happiest moment in their life
Pairing      :ryoda
Genre       :fluff, romance
Rating       :PG
Summary   :they just have some free time together
Disclaimer :I own them, in my fantacy ^_^ but the plot is mine......
Warning    :un-beta-ed

He sighed contently, and snuggled closer to his beloved chest. A moment like this where he felt the most happines. Being in his boyfriend’s arms made him feel safe and complete. He didn’t need to worry about the world, about anything, just hearing the hearbeat of the man he loved the most till the sleep came to him and brought him to the dream world where there is only him and his soulmate, living in a happy life forever.
The lack of warm brought him back to the real world, he slowly opened his eyes and try to find the person that was holding him just amoment earlier. He saw him, the said person just emerged from the bathroom and had changed his clothes. Now he’s wearing pyjamas, and a sweater on the outside.

His lips curled to form a smile, his boyfriend looked cute in those clothes, just like a little kid wearing big sweater. Blame the weather that was so cold outside. Even with the warmer turned on, they were still shivering from the coldness.

“Ryo, get back to the bed please. I’m freezing. I need you to make me warm.”

He called out his boyfriend, his voice was husky both  from the sleep and the coldness.

Ryo turned toward him and smiled, he got a glass in his hand.

“Gomen, i was thirsty so i got up. And i just changed my clothes because you didn’t give me a chance to do it earlier. You just hugged me and dragged me to the bed and fell asleep on me.”

Tatsuya blushed and hid his face on the pillow. He mumbled something about missing Ryo so much because they didn’t have a chance to meet for a week.

Ryo grinned and walk to their bed after putting the glass back on the table. He reached for Tatsuya’s hair and played with it. He sat on the bed and Tatsuya almost immediately put his head on Ryo’s lap and hugged his torso. Ryo just chuckled seeing his boyfriend’s antick. He continued playing with Tatsuya’s  soft hair.

“It’s because of our schedule, both of us were so busy that we couldn’t see each other for a week.”

Ryo kissed Tatsuya’s head and reach for his hand that is holding his waist. Tatsuya looked up to Ryo’s face and kissed the hand that is holding his.

“It’s okay Ryo, as long as we can be together like this whenever we have free times. And you always texted me or call me if we can’t see each other so, I don’t really mind.”

Ryo smiled, his boyfriend was always the matured one, although sometimes he acted like a spoiled brat. He loved this side of Tatsuya, and he also adored the cute side of his boyfriend. Let’s just say that he was head over heels with the beautiful boxer, so he would love everything about him.

“Tomorrow is my day off, you don’t have any schedule before noon right? Do you want to go somewhere and have a date with me before you go to work?”

Ryo caressed Tatsuya’s chin and pecked his lips.

Tatsuya closed his eyes enjoying Ryo’s touch and kiss.

“No, i don’t wanna go anywhere. Let’s just stay home, cuddle and watch TV. I just wanna spend our free time here, in our appartement. No need to go outside. This way you can take a rest after working everyday.”

Ryo stared at his lover’s face. It amazed him everytime Tatsuya showed him how much the older care about him. And he just couldn’t help falling deeper for the older.

“That’s a good idea.”

Ryo moved to lie down on the bed, and Tatsuya adjusted his position by him side. After the younger pull the blanket to cover their bodies, the boxer didn’t waste any second to hold his boyfriend and made himself comfortable by putting his pretty head on top of Ryo’s chest, just below his chin. And the younger automatically embraced the older dearly.

Soon they both fell in a deep slumber, dreaming about rainbow and flowers. Being in each other’s arms will forever be the happiest moment for the couple.

A/N   I miss RYODA so much....

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that so sweet.

thanks for sharing,i'm glad u back to write again.

Wow, i didn't expect someone would read my fic before i post it in the community, i'm so happy. Thanks for reading and commenting
I'm glad I found my muse again <3

long time i read your fic but the Malaysian i cant read.

It's actually Indonesian
I'll try to rewrite my fics in Inglish so you and all Ryoda fans can read it, ne @_~

btw, where are you from again?

Okaerinasai ^_^ and your writing is still enchanted me while I'm reading it ^_^
Beautiful fic. Miss RyoDa too~

Thank you 4 writing again n sharing this fic =)

hontoni?? I'm so glad u like it....
i'm still trying to regain my vocabulary....

Thanks for reading and commenting dear *hugs*

Oh my, that was so cute!!! > < Ahh I never realised how much I missed my OTP. Thank you for writing!

Also, I'm glad I still see familiar faces around! I decided to pop by and see if anyone I know is still here. Hehe

i just saw your comment
im really sorry i didnt reply sooner

IKR, missed them so much these days
i hope u will write ryoda again
i know i will bcause i got so many ideas right now
just not enough time to write

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