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Title          :BIRTHDAY WISH
Pairing      :ryoda
Genre       :romance
Rating       :PG
Summary   :it’s Ryo’s birthday. Tatsuya’s POV
Disclaimer :I own them, in my fantacy ^_^ but the plot is mine......

It’s your birthday today ne, omedetou. You don’t throw a big party, just invite some friends from johnny’s to come to a karaoke to drink tonight. I know you didn’t mean to invite me. Just because i was there when you announced the news to everyone in your dressing room, and you didn’t want to look bad by not inviting me too. But I’m glad you did, because I would have a chance to be with you in the same room and drinking together, even if everybody are also there too. I feel content just by watching you, smiling and laughing with them.

I can feel my self smiling too, you’re just so cute when you’re being careless. I really want to hug you and kiss your cheek. They’re slightly red right now from the alcohol you were drinking. I sip my drink slowly, i didn’t intend to get drunk tonight. Because I don’t wanna lose the chance to watch you from this close. There are Subaru kun and Yasuda kun between us. But in my mind, other people just like blur images, you the only one I can see clearly.

Ryo, I heard that you’re single right now. It’s been 3 months since you broke up with your last girl friend. I really wanna take this chance and confess to you, it’s been more that 7 years since I have this feeling and it never fade no matter how hard I tried to move on. But I heasitate, what will happen if I confess? Will you accept? Will you give me a chance and try to love me back? Or maybe you will just laugh at me and tease me endlessly.

Ryo, I really really love you. But I don’t wanna get hurt too. And the picture of you mocking me and insulting me makes me really sad. I don’t want that to happen. So, maybe I will not confess to you, not now, not ever.

I was lost in my thought that I didn’t realize everybody has stopped singing and yelling. They’re now discussing something with serious faces. I take a glance toward Ryo and found him in a deep thought. I was curious so I tried to listen what their discussion about.

Turned out that Kanjani and the others want to grant one wish for Ryo tonight. They will do anything Ryo asks. But he can only have one wish, and he can ask one people only, or any people in that room to fulfill the wish.

Yokoyama kun stand up and hold his glass of beer high as to have everyone’s attention.
‘Minna, we are all agree to fulfill Ryo’s wish for tonight. What ever it is, and who ever that Ryo asked, nobody is to complain. Anyone object?’

Everybody was silent, but there are some murmur from my right. And Maruyama kun stand up and began speaking loudly.
‘What if he asks for sex? I don’t think everybody here is willing to have sex with Ryo.’

Some people laughing, and some other yelling. But I can see some people nodding their head.
Once again I glanced at Ryo, I saw him smirking and my chest feel tight.
Hopefully he won’t consider that option.

Yokoyama kun stand again, and this time he lift his hand before speaking.
‘Ok, so how about this. Ryo can ask anything other than sex, and forbidden acts like killing or robbing. Anyone who agree lift your drink!’

Everybody takes their glass including me. And then it’s settled that Ryo can ask anything from anyone in that room. Well, as long as he doesn’t ask to have sex with someone then I’m ok with that.

‘Well, Ryo, have you decided who you’re going to ask for your wish? You only have one chance Ryo, so make sure not to waste it.’
Yokoyama kun pats Ryo’s shoulder.

Ryo looks up to him and smile. OMG my heart is beating so fast, how can he look so handsome when he is in that state?
Then Ryo stands, and everybody in the room become silent again. Only the muffled sound of music and people singing from the other room can be heard.
I can see that Ryo is nervous, it’s a rare sight for someone as confident as him.

Then he takes a deep breath before speaking.
‘Well, I’m so touched and happy, but you guys don’t have to do this. Coming here tonight to celebrate my birthday is enough for me.’
‘But, because all of you already agreed, then I can not refuse, right?’
He chuckles, and I can’t help but smile. But I’m not the only one, the others are smiling too.

He pauses for awhile and then suddenly he turns in my my diraction.
‘Then, Ueda Tatsuya, can you grant me my wish toninght?’

Suddenly all eyes are on me, and I’m shock. Of all people in the room, why did he choose me?
‘Ueda kun, you agreed right?’
I turn to my right and find Maruyama kun who just talked to me staring at me.

So I turn to look at Ryo, and slowly I nod.
He smiles so big and my heart double it's rhytm.
OMG if he smile like that again I could die from heart attack.

‘Tell me your wish, Nishikido kun.’
I force my self to smile back, he looks stunned for two seconds and recover so soon that I barely catched the glint of his eyes.

‘OK, my wish is...eeetooo....eerrmm’
He look nervous again, and my heart beat is getting too loud for my liking.

‘Ryo chan, come on hurry up and tell Ueda kun what you want.’
That was Yamashita kun, well he  is in the far corner together with NEWS members. Ever since he stepped into the room he was pulled away by Tegoshi and Koyama to join the other members of NEWS. They even forced him to join them singging happy birthday, and Kato kun dragged Yasuda kun to replace Ryo.

Ryo grits his teeth and send him annoyed look. Im getting really nervous too, Ryo come on tell me what you want. Even if you ask me to die for you I won’t mind. I’ll do anything for you.

Then Ryo walks infront of me, he takes a deep breath again. This time his face looks pale and I think he’s gonna faint anytime soon.
‘Ueda Tatsuya, will you be my boyfriend for tonight?’

I forget how to breath, I can see him bowing slightly and extending his hand infront of me.
I don’t hear anything, not even the loud gasp of everyone in the room.
This is a dream right? There is no way Nishikido Ryo asking me to be his boyfriend. He is not even gay.
My chest feel burning, and I inhale to calm my heart beat.
I feel like fainting my self.

Ryo lift his face and look at me, he looks so sad and about to pull his hand when I realise that this is not a dream. And I reach his hand, I hold it tight and look into his glassy eyes. He looks confused.
I smile and stand up.
‘Yes, I will.’
This time I don’t miss the others shocked screams.

‘Yeeaayy finally. Omedetou Ryo chan, Ueda kun.’
Yamashita kun is clapping his hands and smiling, the others slowly recovering from their shocked and clapping too.

Everybody smile and congratulate us, we continue drinking and singing, but Ryo says he has enough alcohol for the night, so we both order soda instead.
We sit side by side and his hand never leave my waist more than 10 seconds. I feel that my face will have wrinkle tomorrow for smiling all the time.

Half an hour later Yokoyama kun and Maruyama kun suggest that we all go home, and Ryo should send me home too. But I feel reluctant to go home now, it’s only 10 pm. I still wanna be with my Ryo. I don’t realise that I’m pouting.
Ryo turns to look at me, he stares for awhile and makes me blushing hard. He smiles and takes my hand then pulls me to stand.

‘Well minna, thank you very much for coming tonight to celebrate my birthday. I’m really blessed for having a lot of nice friends. I hope minna will always get happiness too. And please be careful getting home.’
With that small speech ended, Ryo pulled me toward the door and says good bye to everyone and the people that aren’t too drunk wave back to us.

I cling to Ryo all the way to the parking lot. He leads me to his car, and I’m so glad I didn’t bring my car tonight. I ask him if he can drive, because he drank more than enough alcohol. He says that he’s fine, and I trust him with my life.

He opens the passenger door for me. I roll my eyes and say to Ryo that I’m not a girl, but I’m blushing nonetheless. He just smile and getting into the car himself.
We decided to go to a nearby park since the night is still young. Well, we both are adult and we don’t have curfew, mind you.

It was chilli and we sit so close that I’m afraid he can hear my rapid heart beat. I’m still confused about what happen tonight, and can’t help but think that it’s all just a dream. But, a dream or not, I want to enjoy it before it ends. And I really don’t want it to end.

We just sit there without speaking much, and the time goes by so fast for my liking.

Ryo looks at his watch,  ‘its 11.30, come on I’ll take you home.’
He grabbed my hand and we get into his car. We ride in silent, I see sadness in Ryo’s face, and my heart hurt. What is gonna happen after this, will Ryo dump me and say that it’s all a joke? My eyes feel hot, and tears starting to fall, I look away and brush away my tears before Ryo see them.

I take a deep breath when my apartemen come to the sight. I glance at my watch, it’s 10 minutes before midnight. Ryo parks the car and turns the engine off. I’m afraid to look at him.
I can feel his eyes on me. I continue staring at my hands on my lap. I hear him sigh.

Then, his left hand takes my right hand and place it on his lap. I move my hand so our hand can entertwind with each other.

I still don’t want to look at his face, and keep staring at our hands on his lap.
‘we still have 5 minutes.’ He said with the voice full of sadness.

‘5 minutes till what?’ I can’t help but ask what he meant.

He looks at me and smile, a heart breaking smile that makes me want to hold him and never let him go.
‘Till we return to the real world. Thank you for granting my wish, Tatsuya. It’s the best birthday present ever. Even if it only for couple of hours. I’ll cherish this moment forever.’

He lift our hands and kiss mine.
I look at my watch, 4 minutes before midnight. And suddenly an idea came to my mind.

I cup his face and force him to look at me.
‘Ryo, why did you ask me to be your boyfriend tonight? Why did you wish that?’

It’s now or never. I decided to confess tonight. I don’t care if he reject me.

Ryo bits his bottom lip, and I use my tumb to caress that lip as a sign that I don’t like him to do that. He stops, but holding my hands instead. He pulls them down from his face and gives me an intence gaze.

We are so close I can feel his breath on my face.
‘You wanna know?’

I nod.

‘Because since 4 years ago I’ve been inlove with you and my greatest wish is to be with you as lovers. But it never come true, because I never have courage to confess. I was scared, that you would hate me and dispise me. That’s why I dated so many girls and tried to move on. But it didn’t work. But tonight, I decided to be bold and asked you to be my boyfriend, even if it just for a few hours. I know that you wouldn’t refuse because of the agreement. But don’t worry, I already have my wish, and it end by midnight. Because after 12 o’clock, it’s no longer my birthday. So, after this, we will be back as the old Nishikido Ryo and Ueda Tatsuya that don’t get along with each other.’

He chuckles with his own joke, but I don’t find it funny. There are so much emotion running in my mind in this moment. Happy, sad, angry and a bit pissed off.
I really wanna punch something right now, so I punch his left shoulder.
‘Baka.’ I yell at him, and he seems surprised.

I pulled his hand to see his watch, 2 more minute before midnight.
I lock my eyes on him again.
‘Ryo, what does people do when their date ends?’ He frowns a bit, and then he looks back at me wide eyed.

I smile at him and lean closer.
‘Yes Ryo, they kiss.’

And our lips connected, i can see rainbow and firworks behind my eyelids. He kiss me back softly. No tongue, no sucking, mind you. Just a simple and sweet kiss that makes you melt.

We pull back after we run out of breath. Slighly panting I smile at him and look into his dark brown orbs that I love so much. (AN: we love them too Tatsuya)

‘Happy birthday my love’ and then I kiss him again, just a peck that last for two second.

He suddenly pulls me to a tight embrace and took me by surprise.
I hold him back and take a glance at my watch, 10 second before midnight.
‘Arigatou, Tatsuya.’

He tighten his hold on me, and I close my eyes to savour the warmth that i’ve been dreaming to feel so many times before.
The hug last for more than 10 second before we pull apart.

Ryo looks at his watch and sigh.
‘Well, this is it. It’s over now. You can go back to your apartement.’

He seem so depressed like that.
‘And where will you go?’ I can’t help but ask.

He watch the wall infront of the car and give me a weak smile.
‘I don’t know, maybe go back to my own place and sleep.’

This is my chance.
‘Ryo, I know this is not my birthday but I also have a wish that only you can make it true.’

He gives me that look again that makes me want to hold him and kiss him.
‘What wish?’ Of course he has to ask

Suddenly I feel shy and find my nails look so interresting.

‘I wish you and me can be together forever.’

There, I said that. But my voice was so small I’m afraid he didn’t hear me.
Slowly I peer toward him and find his mouth opens slightly and he has the shock expression.
‘Well, never mind. Forget I ever said that, good night Ryo.’

Oh God this is embarrasing. I was so sure that he loves me too, he said that himself. But what’s with that expression.
I open the door on my side but don’t have a chance to get out of the car because Ryo pulls me back and makes me face him.

‘Do you mean it?’

I smile, of course he just felt insecure and daubted me.

‘Yes Ryo, I’ve been in love with you for 7 years.’

Then he gives me the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen (AN: rolls eyes. Yeah of course,  you love him, everything about him looks beautiful to you)

‘Then, your wish is my command, your highness’

And he kiss me, this is sweeter than the first one, and it lasts longer too. Oh Ryo, you’re such a great kisser.

 I wrote this yesterday but didn't get the chance to post.

Where are the other RYODA shipper? Am I the only one left?

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thank you,i think i am the only one that still ship RyoDa.i love this fic and some part made my cried (dont know why?hahaha maybe im glad). i wish u can write Ryoda often plzzzzz i miss them.

thank you for writing.

I'm so glad u like it
I made alot of mistakes tough
I'll try to fix them if I have time

Thanks for reading and commenting

U should write more Ryoda too

Let's make this community become active again.

i cant write anything,the fic in my account its from my friend and now she left.

but I am a good reader i can read all of ryoda fic hahahaha plzzzzzzzzz write more.

Really? why don't you try, it's fun...

or you can give ideas if you want me to write more
give me a plot, how you want the story goes, and i'll try to write you your request.
because sometimes I want to write but don't find any good plot for my story.

really?I have a lots of plot in my mind ,but cant write even in my language hahaha.

if u have a free time to write i will give u a plot.

thanks for advance.

Sure I'd love to
Just drop a comment here because i rarely check k my inbox
Give me a plot and I'll try to write it

The pleasure is mine honey

thank you,i will ask my friend write it for me ,my eng is very bad i'm scare that u dont understand what i wanna tell?hahahah

Me too...RyoDa I am *wink*
Sweet fic *grin*
Thank you 4 sharing this fic ^_^
This is lovely~

Yes yes u too 'pointing at u'
Please write again
I want this fandom to be alive again

Btw thanks for reading and commenting
Miss u 'chu'

Oh finally someone writes Ryoda again. I have been fans of Ryoda since junior days and it is so sad that all popular pairs are crumbling down nowdays with the mess in Johnny.
Thank you for writing this. I am so happy that I can cry

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