RYODA photomanip

Minna Genki?
Hisashiburi ne, remember me?
I was having a free time last night and suddenly got an idea to learn how to use photoshop. This is the first time i make a photomanip and i'm still an amateur, so i'm not really sure about the result.
Anyway, i really want to share it with all Ryoda fans so, hope you like it. ^_^V

So, what do you think minna? I know it's not good but, please comment   @_@
Btw, i don't remember where I got those pictures so, if you're the owner please tell me so I can credit you. Jya.

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Steven - Ryo

  Just want to share this
i got the picture from http://hotlinenow.blogspot.com

What do you think?
Doesn't he resemble someone from Eito/NEWS when he was young?

And take a look at this one

picture's taken from http://fikfik21.multiply.com

Aren't they cute?
^_^ V
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(no subject)

One of my best friends is getting married next week. I'm so happy that she has found the one for her. She deserve to be happy She had trough a lot of difficulty in her life.
Last week my other best friend just given birth to her first child, and it's a boy. Though she must undergo Caesarean section, but they're both in perfect condition.
All these big news make me happy and also wander about my own future. When will I find the one for me, will I get pregnan fast after my marriage, will I be giving birth normally or by operation, and so on.
But again, we are just human being. All the things happen in our live decided by God. We can only make wishes and efforts, but everything only occur by permission of God.
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(no subject)

I'm still recovering from my sickness, I've got DHF half a month ago and I'm still feeling weak and nausea.
I've been going to work these past six days though. I can not just lazying around and neglecting my job, can I ?
Luckily I have really nice people as my colleagues, therefor I can always take a rest whenever I feel tired or dizzy.
When I was hospitalized, the infusion needle installed to my hand by one of my own colleagues, she took my blood too. It was funny, because I used to be the one who did that kind of things to my patiens. But that day, I was the patien and for the first time in my live I felt that being sick was really a pain in the neck (I mean in the hand LOL).
I really don't wanna experience that kind of treatment in my future ever again. That's why I'm trying to keep my body fit and healthy all the time. I'm taking supplement right now and it's herbal. Allthough the taste is awful, but I prefer that than being sick again.
I suggest everybody should do the same too, you must take a good care of your body before you get sick.
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The comp I'm using is so slow. I've been downloading Johnny's countdown videos for almost 3 hours, and it's not finished yet.
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